Beast, the boys say,
over the roar of Monday Night Raw,
but I think she is a bear,
black haired and brutal, comfortable
in her oiled flesh, which she wears like a custom suit.
Large, somehow lithe,
she sidesteps her opponents’ swings
in her black leather boots.
She fights men.
Beast, the boys say,
steroid freak,
as she lifts a man high,
wraps his thighs around her face,
smashes him spine-first into the mat.
He struggles to stand
while she waits to toss him across the ring
like the nothing he seems to her.
One of the boys makes a fist.
He pounds it into the cup of his other hand
like he's churning butter.
I wouldn’t fuck that with your dick, he says,
to another boy, who laughs,
puts his hand on my thigh.
I love the way she moves,
how she fills up her whole body.
Inside my small frame, I am even smaller,
and in this room, a kind of decoration,
a reassurance of what is right and natural.
Onscreen, Chyna bends a man in half
and the boys’ faces twitch
with everything they hate
and don’t understand.


Who Also Will Not Yield is available at the following locations:

Rough Draft: Bar and Books
Kingston, NY

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop
Brooklyn, NY

Or, order it online at store.citystateofamerica.info


Who Also Will Not Yield is a collaborative zine of poetry and drawings by Meghan Dunn and Ben Pinder. The themes of first encounters with sex, death, and loss in the poems are interpreted in surreal pen and ink drawings. Together, the book is an honest and fantastic coming of age narrative.